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Celine Dion Joins The Bee Gees for a Captivating Rendition of “Immortality”

Celine Dion, hailing from Charlemagne, Canada in 1968, stands as the world’s most renowned Canadian vocalist. The Bee Gees, formed in 1958, featured the trio of brothers: Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb.

The brothers were celebrated for their talent in both writing and composing music, contributing their skills to various other prominent artists throughout their careers, including Dion. They crafted the song Immortality especially for her, and upon its release as a single in 1998, it swiftly climbed the charts to become a top ten hit across Europe.

In the UK, the song reached the fifth spot on the charts. Initially, the Bee Gees encountered challenges in crafting Immortality. It was during this time that Barry and Maurice opted for a brief hiatus, which was followed by a return to the studio where they quickly finalized the song. The track was later included in Celine Dion’s 1997 album, Let’s Talk About Love, with the Gibb brothers contributing as backing vocalists.

Immortality, a powerful ballad, showcases a harmonious blend of Dion’s and the Bee Gees’ vocals. To mark the single’s release, two music videos were produced. One features the Canadian songstress and the trio in the studio, which was later included in Dion’s 1999 DVD, Au Coeur Du Stade, capturing her performance at Stade De France in Paris that June.

The first official video, released in August the prior year, presents the artists in a joint performance, weaving narratives of love, loss, and rebirth. It starts with Dion meandering through a graveyard, later appearing as a spectral figure in a mansion alongside the Bee Gees. Within the mansion, Dion encounters a man, presumed to be her beloved.

In 2017, Dion graced the stage at the Bee Gees tribute event ‘Stayin’ Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees’, which was broadcasted by CBS, performing Immortality for the occasion.

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