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Wonderful nursery furniture for the little wonder

Wonderful nursery furniture for the little wonder

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of your precious little bundle, it would be a good idea to plan the décor and furnishings of the nursery. On looking around you’ll find that the prices of nursery furniture and accessories are upwardly mobile. If you are planning a budgeted décor for the nursery, it would help a lot if you make a list of the things that you will need.


The best place to start planning is the place where you baby will be spending a lot of time in the initial stages- the crib. Once you decide on a crib the rest of the furnishings can be planned accordingly.  There are different types of cribs available and those with dual purpose of a play pen and are portable, will be worth a buy. Along with the crib you will have to buy the mattress, blankets and other bed linen. While deciding on the crib, check for safety issues.

Chest of drawers

Babies need a lot of clothes and that would definitely need a place to store them.  A sturdy chest of drawers will be the apt choice. If you already have one it can be revamped or painted with the desired color. Ensure that the draws are working well and there are no jagged edges.


The list of baby accessories can be endless, but there are a few things that are absolutely essential. The baby monitor is one which helps you listen in on your baby from anywhere in the house. Video monitors let you keep a close eye on your child. The night light is one that lends a reassuring glow to the room. The diaper pail with a lid and preferable a foot pedal, is required to collect the soiled diapers.