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Why shag rugs are a must or living rooms

Why shag rugs are a must or living rooms

SHAG RUGS are mostly a part of our living rooms. They can be used as a reading area or designated play area or just for decorative purposes. SHAG RUGS are super cool, soft, fluffy and comfortable. Sitting, walking, playing, lying, rolling on them is such a fun with comfort. So you can consider them a must for your rooms. Beside comfort and fun, they can give a retro vibe to your interior

Shag Rugs Are Super Cool:

Shag rugs are cool to have in your room. Today they are mostly made of wool, often with cotton back but there has been time when they were constructed with silk. Mostly people prefer to use flokati type constructed shag rugs. They are available in many colors and designs. If you have sofa sets in the room, match the color of your SHAG RUGS with it. If you are going to use more than one SHAG RUGS for the same room, whether due to its size or lesser furniture, then you must switch the colors. Use different colors for the SHAG RUGS in the same room.

Cleaning Shag Rugs Is Not A Fun At All Though:

Beside the comfort and beauty of SHAG RUGS, there is a problem with SHAG RUGS and that is with its cleaning. SHAG RUGS are not east to clean. You need to get them dry cleaned quite often. They are woven in such a way that they can easily get lint, gunk, hair, dust etc. so if you are going to use them, remember that you would need to get them cleaned often to keep them fluffy for a long time