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Why opt for glass shelves installations

Why opt for glass shelves installations

Shelves are a basic requirement for any room, from bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office or bar. Like any other furniture or lighting in a room, shelves also account for a certain percentage of aesthetic appeal of a room. Speaking of appeal, glass shelves blend well with almost any type of décor and create a fabulous accent in ay room where shelves are needed. Here are a few reasons as to why you can’t afford to miss these structures for any of your rooms that require shelves.

Create an illusion of more space

The shelves are very handy and can be used for varied purposes, from creating bookshelves on the wall, or creating more space in a cabinet without cluttering the space. They lend an illusion of larger depth or size of a space.

Improve aesthetic appeal of your decor

Glass shelves are also less intrusive as compared to metal or wood shelves. This makes it easier for light to penetrate through the glass, offering an excellent opportunity to do accent lighting from either above or below the shelf and increase the décor’s appeal.

Offer opportunity for creativity

Glass shelves are usually cut to fit so that home owners can be as creative with their interior space as they desire. The shelves can be as large as 119” by 79”, though even larger shelves than this measurement may be available upon making a special order.

Easy to install

Nothing gives an elegant look to your décor without a little hustle. However, glass shelves are available in glass shelf kits to make their installations in standard size much easier. The pre-fabricated shelf are a quick and simple option of shelving.

More options to choose from

The shelves are available in rectangular and square shapes. They are also availed in different types including frosted, bronze, low iron and grey glass.