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Why is wood laminate flooring popular?

Why is wood laminate flooring popular?

Nowadays it is observed that people prefer having wood laminate flooring instead of traditional hardwood flooring. There are many reasons for its growing popularity. First of all wood laminate flooring is known to be highly durable and not that expensive either. Wood laminate floors are very realistic in look as it can actually provide people with a feel of actual wood plank as the texture is somewhat similar to the actual wood. It is so real that is becomes very difficult to distinguish between wood laminate flooring and hardwood flooring, and it is all because of technological advancements. It has the advantage of absorbing sound and can even manage the level of moisture in air. In short it is said to be extremely versatile and durable.

Construction of Wood Laminate Flooring

It is typically made up of layers that are fused together through a process of lamination of heat and pressure. In total wood laminate flooring includes three layers fused together. These layers are mentioned as follows. Top layer which is constructed in a way that it can protect the floor from fading and stains, visual layer which gives the floor a natural and realistic look as the texture used is similar to the actual wood, core layer is constructed from a fiber board which is of high density to provide the floor with durability and strength, the final layer is called the bottom layer which provides stability.

Maintenance of this Flooring

First of all wood laminate floorings should be clean regularly by using either a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop. If there is any damage on the floor then it could be repaired using color fill. Also one needs to avoid using rollers on the floor. The most important thing is to use felt pads and protective mats to protect the floor from dirt and from furniture.