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What to consider when purchasing a garden gazebo

What to consider when purchasing a garden gazebo

If planning to make good use of your free garden space all year round, why not consider to have a garden gazebo in place. Gazebos have evolved to become an essential addition to many homeowner’s gardens for several reasons. They offer shelter from the scorching rays of the sun, shelter from rain and hide exposures to neighbors. When making a purchase, several factors need to be considered. Here is a short review on how to make an informed decision on purchase.

Purpose intended

Gazebos can be used for a wide range of purposes, when a buying decision is based on what it’s going to be used for, the better. You can use a garden gazebo for weddings, christening parties, covering a child’s playground and a lot more. If planning for a party and need every guest to stay warm and dry, just make sure it is waterproof with sides which can be battened.


Gazebos are usually not expensive, but if working on a tight budget, be sure to choose something that can last longer. It’s better to choose a good quality and small gazebo than a large one of poor quality that will take you for a summer only. This gives you real value for your money.

Style preference

Garden gazebo is available in plenty of styles and sizes, so no need to worry much on this. Styles range from the deluxe marquee designs to the small pop-up canvas. If you need something larger, the grand marquee-design gazebos measure around 3 by 6m or 3 by 9m.

Period of use

If you need a structure for an all year round enjoyment, the fixed gazebos are the best. They are fitted with fixed ornate iron frame which fixes firmly into the ground.  For a structure that can perform for many years, you may consider going for the permanent gazebos. They are usually made of wood and incorporate tiled roofs. You can buy it as a kit or have a bespoke made to your preferences.