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What are some cool apartment decorating ideas?

What are some cool apartment decorating ideas?

Who said living in an apartment is a herculean task due to the lack of breathing space and confined rooms? But with a little effort working on apartment decorating ideas, we can convert the tiny rooms into large looking areas. It all comes down to how the rooms are decorated which can seriously impact the size of the rooms. The focus is to create a livelier and spacious room with creative options.

Steps for decorating your apartment:

There are various apartment decorating ideas that can be made use of. It is always a good idea to use light colored paints on the walls of the living room as it can give a brighter and airy look. Another tip is to add a mirror right opposite to a window, which causes light to reflect around a room, making it look less crampy. The accessories such as lamps and light tables also play a big role in determining the aesthetics of your living room. Placing lights that have metallic sheen on them brightens up the space. Also instead of using a multi shelved cupboard, it is better to use floating shelves for storage of mementos. For die hard book lovers, instead of fretting about the lack of a separate reading room or library, you can make use of the unused corners of the room. Place a tiny chair or bean bag and a corner bookshelf and you are done. Small windows can be made to seem larger by placing the rods a few inches away from the ceiling. In a similar way, the width of the windows can be made bigger too, by hanging the curtain rods further away from the sides of the pane.