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Types of wooden beds designs for blissful nights

Types of wooden beds designs for blissful nights

A third of your entire life is spent on bed so why not make an investment to your bedroom to make it the best as it can be. One of the most appealing bedroom design ideas is having wooden beds in place. Wooden beds are not only associated with elegance and glamour, but also give your bedroom space a quiet and soothing mood for a restful nights. Here are different types of beds that you can chose from.

Bedstead fundamentals

No matter the age, style, size the bedstead is the foundation of the bedroom. As such, it needs to be well decorated, especially the headboard and footboard to achieve a soothing appeal.

Platform bed design

This design of bed is the oldest but forms one of the most contemporary choices for modern bedrooms. The bed is generally low, close to the ground creating a more relaxing sleep environment as compared to the traditional designs. Simplest designs of platforms beds do not have either headboards or footboards. These bed designs are very popular for a clean and uncluttered look.

Tester bed designs

They are also known as canopy beds. They basically consist of four posters with crossbeams connecting the posts to support an arched or straight canopy above the bed. In the earlier years, the canopies composed of solid wood, brocade or structured velvet. This type of bed creates a romantic environment for a bedroom.

Sleigh bed designs

This bed was initially known as French beds and resemble the curves like that of an old sleigh design. As the popularity of the French Empire design grew, these beds gained a lot of popularity as well and were fashionable around 1815. Today, they are famous for a classic bedroom décor.

There are plenty of other wooden beds styles and designs to choose from to suit the desired look for your bedroom.