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Types of wood cabinets to choose from

Types of wood cabinets to choose from

Anything made from wood usually gives a wide range of options due to the different types of wood in existence. Speaking of wood furniture and structures, wood cabinets are availed in different types to match any room décor and homeowner preferences. Actually the choices of cabinets to choose from are actually overwhelming such that making a choice can be daunting.

Whether interested in the natural characteristics of wood or the unique characteristics of particular wood, the range of wood options to choose from is certainly inexhaustible. Here are a few of the options of woods you may consider.

Cherry cabinets

These cabinets are popular known by their red undertones, though they vary in colors, from the white to rich brown color. Cherry has a fine and uniform texture which makes it easier to apply finish.

Oak cabinets

These cabinets are made from oak wood and vary in color from white to reddish tones close to pink. Wood with mineral deposits may also have different streaks such as black, green or yellow. The wood has a distinct pattern of grains making it easier to identify it from the rest.

Alder cabinets

They have light brown to reddish tone color characterizations. Alder wood has an even and straight wood grain. There are however indistinct boundaries in some varieties such as sapwood and heartwood.

Hickory cabinets

These cabinets have a contrasting look due to sapwood and heartwood of hickory. Hickory wood has ranging color options from white or blonde to dark rich brown.

Birch cabinets

Birch wood has a smooth texture paired with a tight wood grain. The tightly compacted grain accounts for the heaviness and strength of these cabinets. White is the predominant color of the sapwood and may range to yellow while heartwood varieties have color ranges of medium to dark brown with variations of reddish brown as well.

Other cabinet classifications according to the wood species include walnut, pecan and maple wood cabinets. The range of options is certainly rich giving you a wider choice of options to choose from.