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Tips to how to choose a stair carpet runner

Tips to how to choose a stair carpet runner

Stair carpet runner is more visible than floor carpet. They act as a bridge between your floor and upstairs. They seen by everyone enters into a home because it spread from the bottom of the stairs top of the first floor. So you have to give more attention when purchasing a stair carpet runner.

Things to remember.

Keep in mind that stair carpet runner is used in high traffic area. So make sure that you buy a good quality carpet that can offer durability and aesthetic. You don’t want often change due to wear and tear.

Painting. Carpet has the unique characteristic of showing different shapes when they bend or flat. So make sure the threat in the carpets is solid and stay together with the carpet. You can ask retailer a sample piece and try it over stairs. It will give an idea of how to pick a quality stair carpet runner to your sweet home

Here are a few tips to how to enhance the room visibility using different styles of runner.


Using paint is the unique way of making the stairs beautiful and attractive. Paint the staircase using black and white color like a chessboard and produce a dramatic impression. Try it with a various color combination.


Give a graphic touch to the stairs using striped runners. They commonly come in neutral colors and add resale value to house owners. Opt out for darker color where tears are not visible to naked eyes.

Now you know that many options are available when come to stair carpet runner. Before making the buying move spend a few hours on online to get more inputs on carpet runner.