Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Tips to help you care for your swan chair

Tips to help you care for your swan chair

Your swan chair is an amazing addition to the décor in your home. However, like everything else you own, it needs to look good and makes you look great. When it is new, it makes your home look stylish and elegant. As time goes by, however, you have to ensure that it maintains these qualities for the sake of all the décor and money you have invested.

  1. Use the right detergent

Most swan chairs are made from soft absorbent fabric. This means they get dirty fast and may absorb fluids too. During your cleaning processes, you need to test out the detergents you will be using to make sure that they do not make it obvious that your chair was recently scrubbed. They also need to be gentle on the fabric so that they do not bleach it.

  1. Ensure it is not rubbing the wall

Depending on what wall covering you have at your home, your swan chair may be left with marks. Marks left on the chair may not be easy to clean out and some may even become permanent and unsightly. Because the direction the chair tilts depend on the individuals who sit on it, you check regularly because some like it more tilted than others.

  1. Check if it is waterproof

Spills on the chairs are sometimes quite normal. However, it is good to find out whether your swan chair is water resistant. If it is not then you will be required to protect it from spills and sweat by adding features to it. This will increase its life.