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Tips on how to select functional wooden sheds

Tips on how to select functional wooden sheds

Sheds are essential structures that any homeowner wouldn’t afford to miss in their outdoor space. They serve plenty of purposes to make a garden space more convenient. Wooden sheds are particularly most attractive as they give the outdoor space the most contemporary look apart from serving the purpose they are meant for. Additionally, the wood from which they are made from are more resistant to rot, such as Douglas fir, larch and cedar.

The selection of sheds for the outdoor space takes several factors into consideration.

Size of shed

If you have a larger garden space, it is recommended to go for a sizeable shed as well. The most appropriate measurement would be 6ft by 8ft. for a confined space, ensure that you know the precise dimensions of the space before making a decision.

Sturdiness of shed

Flimsy sheds won’t last long and with time, the roof may start to sag, the sides becoming distorted and the door not shutting properly as required. The check for the firmness of the structure, you should stand inside at the floor center and jump. A steady shed should offer some resistance. You can also check the width of the sides supporting timber to ensure the structure is sturdy enough.

Keeping rain off

Wooden sheds are usually affected by rain and are prone to rot when rain water falls down on its sides. Check to see that the roof droops downwards to at least 5cm, while the front and backside should be at least 7.5cm. Measurement should be from the inside rather than the outside edge of the roof.

Easier shed access

Those using the shed should easily get in or out easily without tripping at the doorway or knocking their head on the upper part of the doorway. The door side should also be wide enough since wider doors allow larger items to be passed through the door.