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Tie rug organizer

Tie rug organizer

Ties are part and parcel of formal attire and need to be given as much care as the rest of the attire. But, oftentimes they just get thrown in with the clothes or hung on hangers only to get entangled with other clothes and end up looking crumpled and shabby.


Small objects of our wardrobe also referred to as accessories are very important as they help completing the look. They have to be stored properly to maintain their sharp appearance. Ties are one such accessory which needs utmost care. They are generally draped on hangers. They either slip down or get entangled with the other clothes or with the other ties. Either way, they get crumpled and loose the crease which renders them shabby looking. Organizers are helpful in holding the ties separately and in ship shape condition.

Types of organizers

The tie organizers or racks are available indifferent types. Most of them are 360 degrees rotatable. This makes it easy to access the ties without getting them crumpled. They come equipped with clasps or holders that hold the ties firmly in place preventing them from slipping. The sections are vertically arranged and save space efficiently. They can be mounted onto the rods or hangers.


They are available in various materials. The classic ones are made from wood and are often stained the shade of walnut or rosewood. Some traditional or antique tie racks also use brass or bronze along with wood which gives them a distinguished look. The modern ones are made of materials like fiber glass, molded plastic and are sturdy and unbreakable. Some are also motorized for easy access.