The Rarest, Wildest and Evil Cat in the World!

I know someone who used to have a Pallas cat. He acquired her as a kitten from our zoo. She was rejected by her momma and they didn’t have the support staff on hand at the time to constantly bottle feed her, so he stepped up. He ran a sanctuary in our area and had all kinds of big cats and a couple of bears as well. Roxy, his Pallas lady, was a sweet little thing though she always had “resting bitch face”. In fact, it was his bobcats that were the assholes. But I used to sit in her cage and pet her and feed her and she was a happy camper. He had a lynx named Cindy that was the same. I will say this, when Roxy decided she wanted to play, it was HILARIOUS, because they really are fluffy clutzes. Not at all elegant like the other Big cats. Even those damn bobcats could make a clean jump. Oh, and if I went out there to visit Roxy during a season change, I always made sure to wear “junk cloths” because I would always walk away absolutely COVERED in fur. Especially in the spring. Holy macaroni.

Watch the video below :

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