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The leading tom dixon lighting

The leading tom dixon lighting

The company Tom Dixon co-owned by Tom Dixon and David Begg is known for its innovative and modern lighting options among other design solutions. Since the very outset in 2002, the company has a made firm noticeable statement through its design ventures

How the journey began

The journey of Tom Dixon is very remarkable and awe inspiring. For all the achievements and the accolades he has received, he is an extremely modest man who prefers to be unnoticed.  In 19193, he tried welding old furniture to give them a transformed look and it transformed his life by catapulting him to higher leagues.  About his ability to transform old furniture into something that mesmerizes the design fraternity, he says,” I was amazed that I could take something that was regarded as rubbish and turn it into cash by the end of the day. I wasn’t making much money, but there was a satisfaction and a joy to the work.”

The ascent

When he started his gallery, members of the design fraternity visited his gallery expecting to see some run of the mill work and were duly floored by the sheer genius that this reticent man exhibited. He had transformed old pots and utensils into remarkable sturdy furniture which had a raw appeal about them. He was given an opportunity to express his talent in the Frankfurt Furniture fair called “Plastic Fantastic” where he converted the mundane plastic ware into something exotic and artistic. Thus began his ascent.

The life light

In 1994, through Eurolounge, his brainchild, he showcased a stackable lighting system named “Jack”. There has been no looking back since then. He has made an impression in the various fields of design and has now become well known for his innovative lighting creations.   His creations “The mirror ball” and “The Copper Shade” have earned him great approbation the world over.