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Stylish dining room cabinets

Stylish dining room cabinets

The prominent pieces of furniture that catch our eye are the dining table set and the sideboard or cabinet (both mean the same). When it is just us at home we don’t bother much about using the dining table and often make do with the kitchen table or table top. That’s fine since everyone is in a hurry to get to their destination on time. But for dinner, weekend family time or when guests are home, we use the dining table with much ado.

Show off time

We all possess cutlery and table linen that we’d like to display attractively and we use the cabinet to do so. The surface or the top of the cabinet serves to display a few artifacts or flower arrangement. There are two kinds here – open and closed. The open ones are those with exposed shelves or see through glass doors. They are excellent for showing off your prized possessions. The closed ones are those that have completely covered doors made of wood where nothing is visible from inside the cabinet- here you can afford to keep the things in disarray with nobody knowing about the mess within!!!

Style quotient

The cabinets are available in various styles ranging from traditional Georgian and French to the modern and contemporary styles. Whatever you choose ensure that there is no clash with the dining table set.

Size matters

One basic thumb rule that you will have to adhere to is that the cabinet is higher than the dining table. Some people get the floor to ceiling cabinets. These are ideal for the wall niches into which they can be fitted. They can hold many things and will also feature draws. For the stand alone variety, ensure that the cabinet size is proportionate to the dining table.