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Stylish bathrooms ideas

Stylish bathrooms ideas

You need not any special occasion to remodel or redecorate your bathrooms. Anytime you feel bored or monotony in the bathroom theme just tweak the dynamics to enjoy an entirely new and ravishing appeal. Some bathroom ideas that might help you are discussed below.

Go geometrical

If you have small or irregular shaped bathroom then plan accessories geometrically. The different shaped rugs and vanity items will not only mesmerize the ambience but will also add a dimension to space. For instance curvy rugs best suit to small bathrooms. Also vertical column shelves not only manage space issues they also give length to your area. When space is ample you can have vanities and cupboards placed horizontally as well. Using a curvy chest will tremendously complement the striking vertical or horizontal designed tiles.

Adding style

Other bathroom ideas for adding style may be to use smart towel stand, fancy flip downs and invisible shelves. You can also have glass door shower enclosures or even without glass. Maneuver the shower surrounds with mosaic tiles and accent wall. Placing some high quality fittings and fixtures will not only enhance the appeal by many fold but will also keep the water leakage in check. Be particular about flooring and never compromise on the quality since durable and water resistant flooring will benefit you for years to come. Even if you find it a bit costly try to manage the resources since it is almost impossible to keep on changing bathroom floors frequently. Failure of floors in maintaining resistance to water will result in growth of molds and mildews.