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Splendid bedroom colors

Splendid bedroom colors

It is known that colors have an impact on all our senses and actions. They definitely have a telling impact when it comes to sleep. The bedroom is the place where you herald the new day and lay to rest the days fatigue and stress at night. It therefore yourself must be colored in a way that is conducive to help you unwind, relax, let your guard down and be for relaxation and sleep.

Effect of colors

The basic colors in the color wheel are red, yellow and blue. Of these, blue, and its combinations with the other colors, is the one that is most conducive to sleep. Red is very stimulating and must not be the predominant color. Combinations of yellow and blue are very soothing and aid sleep and relaxation to a very large extent.  Neutral shades like black, beige, white, grey etc can be used as they too have a soothing effect. Colors like purple though considered regal, are very stimulating and do not induce sleep.  The visual effect of the color keeps the mind active and vibrant. Similarly, orange stimulates imagination and is not very conducive to sleep.  Greens, blues, and pastel shades have a soothing and relaxing effect.

Aesthetic appeal

A combination of colors enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom. If the walls are in neutral shades or light shades use bright colors for the other elements of the room to create a striking visual impact. The combinations of green and brown or green and blue are an all time favorite. Another daring combination is the white and black combination. The walls in white can be contrasted with black and any bright shade like red or orange to create an interesting visual drama.

Fashionable combinations

Certain combinations are very fashionable and are favored by the designers.  Bright colors like yellow and orange with mellowing shades of brown, grey with yellow or pink, blue and green or pink and of course black and white.