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Sofabeds – buying guide

Sofabeds – buying guide

One the most important furniture in any house are the sofabeds. They could be useful in so many ways.

  • As a sofa the furniture provides extra sitting place and as a bed a spare bed to sleep.
  • For a single apartment, they could work as a sofa and bed.
  • For a couple, they could still use it as sofa and bed or they could always it use it as spare bed for guests.

In recent years the sofabeds have seen their sales going up along with the sectional sofas. Almost all the apartments like to use the multipurpose feature of the furniture.

However buying the right sofabed could be quite tricky. Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying one.

The Size

It’s quite important to understand the space occupied by the sofabeds. One must always measure the space taken by the furniture, when it is opened up in the form of the bed. Most of them tend to underestimate this space and place them in cramped up locations, which could be a deal breaker.

The Price

The fact that these beds have multiple purpose could sometimes result in a higher price fixture when compared to other alternatives. Apart from that the price also varies depending on factors like the fabric, the color, the size of the sofabed. One thing which is straight forward is these sofabeds are expensive than the sectional sofas or 2-er and 3-er sofas.

The Usage

The final point for one to consider is how much of a use the sofabed is going to be of? Primarily this bed is seen to be common with students living in studio apartments or singles or people who have limitation in terms of space.