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Relaxing hours with porch swings

Relaxing hours with porch swings

Porch swings are a way of making the porch looking more stunning and are the best means of spending long hours of relaxation and creating memories of a lifetime. Usually everyone’s childhood is filled with the sweet memories of enjoying with friends and siblings while swinging in the porch swings.

There are a lot of ideas to create simple and elegant porch swings. Most of these swings are made with wicker, wood, bamboo and sometimes wrought iron also.

Types of Porch Swings:

Form simple wooden style these porch swings can also be made with metal material. The benefit of metal swing is that it can bear the weather hardships easily as it is hanged in an open space. Rain, mud, rust and wind are all the factors that can affect the porch swings. Like a wooden or wicker swing is much likely to be affected by the intense weather of dampness. Humidity can easily harm the quality of the outdoor swing. So, proper care and maintenance is required for all king of outdoor swings.

Qualities of a Good swing:

A good and practical swing should be;

  • Comfortable and durable in quality.
  • The seat depth should be curved or slanted to make the porch swings more cozy and comfortable.
  • The joints of the swing should be bolted or screwed together and not nailed in order to make it a safe seating.
  • It’s better if the porch swing is not a single seater so that more than one person can enjoy at a time.
  • Swings made with cherry, teak and eucalyptus are more durable and can tolerate intense weather.