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Most functional and attractive elfa closet

Most functional and attractive elfa closet

Elfa closet is the most practical and functional way of storage that is used extensively in homes and offices. This kind of storage system consumes lesser space and gives the maximum capacity storage with in minimum space. There is a vast range of ideas in elfa closet style and a few of them are as under,

Custom Walk-in Closet:

This style of elfa closet is widely installed in studio apartments and they offer maximum storage for clothes, shoes and other things. This type of closet is not associated with any kind of doors and is attributed with a number of shelves and drawers. The base portion in an elfa closet is considered as the storage area for shoes and brief cases. The closet is supported with hanging rods for hanging all kind of dresses.

Elfa Closets with Standalone Fixture:

This is the latest American style of closets where along with open wardrobe some standalone closets with doors are also attached. This elfa closet is designed in different colored finish and are made with hard wood texture. Besides different shelves, leather drawer pull, whereas pockets for felt storage are also available.

Multi- purpose Elfa Closet:

This kind of elfa closet is a multi-purpose and is fixed with individual components for various items. This kind of walk-in storage closet is designed in white glossy finish with a few portions of the closet supported with doors and few are in an open shelve system. This kind of elfa closet is the first necessity of every apartment and is considered something of great importance.