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Modern wall art: make your wall a canvas

Modern wall art: make your wall a canvas

The word “wall décor” brings to mind paint and maybe a few pictures or paintings framed and hung on it. If after painting the wall, it is left bare, the décor looks incomplete and flat. The wall needs to be adorned to complete the picture and the adornment need not always be a framed piece of artwork. It could be an abstract expression. Let’s see how….

The canvas

Your wall could become your canvas even before it is painted. You could try creating your own artwork like a mural. You could express yourself and use the wall as your canvas to reflect your thoughts and ideas. If not painting, you could install or create your own art work using unconventional material like metals, sculptures, plants etc. using the wall to express your artistic side.

The color range

The wall art or installation will provide an amazing range of colors to choose from, for the walls o your house. You could pick colors from the art installation and incorporate it in the décor. It is always best to start planning the décor theme with the wall art work and work round it rather than address the wall after the rest of the décor has been taken care of.

Changing drama

Wall art is the best possible way of creating drama and bringing a place vibrantly alive. It need not be a permanent fixture. Interesting changes can be made every time. By just shifting the elements of the installation around, changing the position or adding a few elements to give it an entirely new look thereby changing the dramatic effect frequently to create a more dramatic ambience.