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Modern beds – get to know their categories

Modern beds – get to know their categories

The most important furniture in a bedroom, unquestionably, is the bed. The modern beds come in a wide range of options which makes it quite difficult for one to decide on a particular bed. The beds today incorporate many features like lightings, extra head rest, different shapes, customized shapes, etc. Let’s have a look in to the different categories of bed that are available in the market today.

Wood Frame – This is the most common type of modern bed found in the market and also to a major extent a preferred one. The wooden frame comes in different types of wood, which could range from pressed wood to the natural hardwoods. The natural hardwood ones are again preferred option here, however, they could be quite expensive. The advantage here is that they are quite durable compared to the pressed wood.

Wooden frame with cushion – The wooden frame bed comes with another variation, with cushion added over the frame. This type of modern bed has gotten quite popular in recent years. The cushion placed over the frame makes them sturdier and also acts as a layer of protection for the wooden frame itself. However, the downside here is that these beds could be extremely expensive depending on their size.

Metallic frame – The metallic frame beds are generally among the least preferred variants of modern beds. The only advantage they have is in terms of price, as they are quite inexpensive compared to the other two variants. They are not as durable as the other two and prolonged use of the bed is generally not suggested. These beds are seen as short term usage and are most commonly used in hospitals where they could be customized easily, but at the same time could be also replaced easily.