Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Make your desk nice with a bankers lamp

Make your desk nice with a bankers lamp

Banker’s lamps have been there for a long time now. In other terms it is called the Emeralite. From their iconic brass stand to the lamp shades that can be any colour you want, they certainly are a colourful addition to any house.

There are banker’s lamps available to make your desks look less like a work hassle but to give you that peaceful magnificent aura whether you are at work or you are at home. Traditionally made with green shade, they have diversified the colours available right now to suit your needs and desires.

Banker’s lamps

It’s an iconic styled electrical table lamp which is mostly made of a brass stand which stands up to support the shade. Of the original bankers lamps the shades and pull chain switch though the modern versions now have different ways to switch them on. It is called emeralite due to having both emerald and light.

Types of banker’s lamps

The types generally vary according to the shade colour that you want. The first banker’s lamps to be used where manufactured with the green shade and that has been the dominant colour for most shades. Modern time people now have different colour tastes and the shades have been changed accordingly. The second type can be due to the type of stand used. Normally it is supposed to be brass but you can use other materials like steel and wood.