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Make the best use of an indoor clothes drying rack

Make the best use of an indoor clothes drying rack

In the cold autumn and winter days, it is hard to hang the clothes outside. However, as the washing will forever be prevalent, you need to know major tips and tricks to help you make the best out of your indoor clothes drying rack as well as dry out your clothes effectively. Even if you own a dryer, these tips will come in handy for occasions when the dryer is not working for instance.

Heavy items such as towels or bedspreads dry out faster if you give them an extra spin in the machine before choosing to hang them out. This process will remove all the extra water and reduce moisture to the greatest degree possible and hence reduce the time spent in drying out.

Shaking is a largely undermined and underrated process. Shaking out your clothes before hanging them will make way for a greater surface area to come in contact with the air. Wringing them out helps as well. Besides, with minimal moisture and wetness you will not have to deal with a rusty indoor clothes drying rack.

If your clothes tend to become stiff after drying, do not assume that it is because leftover detergent is still lingering in the fabric. It is a common occurrence that can easily be eradicated if you add half a cup of vinegar to your rinse cycle. If you want to avoid the lingering smell of vinegar or if you have rather strong sensory skills (like myself) and can always sniff out vinegar, then perhaps you should add a few drops of essential oil to the rinse cycle too.