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Landscape design ideas to try out

Landscape design ideas to try out

The curb appeal of a home is very important in that not only will it enhance the exterior of the home but will also add value to the property such that its market price will be set higher than for those that have not implemented a type of landscape design. It may be a bit expensive to hire a professional to do the work for you, but with the right tools, keenness and a good eye for detail you can get the landscape design right for your home’s exterior.

Start with the Front

This is where most people will tread, be they your friends, neighbors or other people you associate with. You can start with the pathways that lead to your front door, as well as other paths that are in your front yard. Place some nice stones for the walkways, then have the plants and grass planted later to avoid hurting them with installations and groundwork associated with walkways.

Check the paint!

No matter how well you get the first step, it will not be complete if the walls of the house’s exterior are old and worn out. It will be great to check that the siding is still in good condition before attempting to re-paint, as it may add costs to repaint again should you need to change the siding.

Mix Sizes, Colors and Textures

This is a rule of thumb in landscape design. You should mix big stones with small stone, i.e. you may have some large stones on the driveway but smaller ones on the sidewalks. You can also have larger plants near the walls and smaller ones further out to the compound. The colors ca also be mixed and spread all over. This helps you have a harmonized but beautiful landscape.