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Introduction to bunk beds with stairs

Introduction to bunk beds with stairs

A bunk bed is one of the several types of beds available in the market. They are designed to feature two or three bed frames above the initial bed frame below. It is a bed that maximizes on space since two or three people can sleep in a room on different bed frames sharing the same stand. There are different sub-types of bunk beds including standard, twin, loft and triple bunk beds.

In addition to safety rails on the top bed frame that secures one when asleep, they are designed with stairs that make it easy for one to access the top bed. Such are the beds referred to as bunk beds with stairs of which there are different types of stairs.

Straight Stairs

This is often the most common stairs found on bunk beds. The stair is in most cases made of wood and can be of any shape. It is constructed as a ladder that one climbs to access the top bed.

Wall Stairs

This is also made of wood in most cases. The stair is constructed in such a way that it leans against the wall for support. It is beneficial in terms of storage in form of space below the stair.

U-Shaped Stairs

Like with the other type of stairs, U-shaped stairs are also made of wood. It provides for large storage space below and is very safe compared to the other types. It is indeed the most popular type of stairs found on bunk beds used by children.

Bunk beds with stairs are very popular because they make it possible for several people or children to sleep in a room that may otherwise be small.