Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Ideas for design bathroom

Ideas for design bathroom

It is easy to follow bathroom design ideas to renovate the bathroom. There are bathrooms which are small and some which are spacious. Small bathrooms require a lot of planning to give it a designer look. When there is space constraint then care should to taken to furnish it. Bathroom is most often the place a lot of time is spent. Bathroom design requires plumbing drains, water lines, vent stacks and electrical fittings which should be carefully fitted . Vanity is the only furniture in a small bathroom it should be a quality piece. This vanity can have a mirror on top and drawers down to hold towels and other bathroom accessories.

A Dream Bathroom

A bathroom would look ideal if painted in light grey having a shower head made of brushed nickel, and a digital valve. A bathtub should be fitted in the centre. The shower should be curb less with a shower drain that isn’t very visible and is somewhat hidden. Shower floor should be of flat pebbles. A shelf can be be placed over the tub and you can use some LED lighting to illuminate it. Grey vanity with draw fronts should hold the towels and other bathroom accessories. Ceramic square sinks and faucets mounted on the wall should be highlighted with lighting. A linear drain which is not exposed can be used for drainage.

Benefits of the Bathroom

A Designer bathroom adds glamour to the house. After a days‘ work it is an ideal place to relax in the hot  bath. The LED lighting can really soothe you. What more can you wish for after a hot soothing bathe to relax?