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How to use garden stools indoors after summer

How to use garden stools indoors after summer

Most homeowners rarely consider garden stools as essential part of their outdoor space, not knowing that they have significant role to the overall look and design of their gardens. The good thing with these stools is that they can be arranged or easily moved to suit the desired need. Due to their compactness, these stools are a perfect addition for roof top balconies in a city apartment or simply the chill out spot in your backyard space.

Garden stools can be used for a lot more purposes than just outdoors. It is possible to use them indoors, especially when the summer is over. When the harsh climatic changes take place, it is important to get your stools indoors. While indoors, they don’t have to lie idle waiting for another summer to pop in. Here are a few ideas on how you can use garden stools indoors.

Excellent indoor plant stands

If you have houseplants, there’s no need to use wooden stands or windowsills to place your plant pots. Instead, you could make good use of the stools as houseplant stands. They are excellent especially for spider and fern plants.

Unique nightstands

For most people, the typical night tables with finished wood are handy. However, if you do not need the drawers for storage, you could instead make use of these stools. They are also one of the best alternatives to the bedside nightstands.

Phenomenal living room side tables

For a traditional living room décor, you may opt for stylish alternatives to the side tables. Garden stools are ideal for a four season living room space. They add a unique beauty and color as compared to the wood furnishings that are stained.