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How to take care of your wine barrel furniture

How to take care of your wine barrel furniture

People are fond of recycling their old wine barrels and using them as furniture. Although it is a wise idea, the drawback side of it is that you don’t get more options and features as compared to the real wine barrel furniture. These furniture are designed with lots of considerations of homeowner’s preferences in mind, making them fit for your interior or exterior décor, depending on the use that you employ them in.

Wine barrel furniture used in outdoor space usually require a bit of care and maintenance to make them durable and keep their attractive look. It doesn’t have to be much of a task taking care of your outdoor furniture as long as you keep up with the routine maintenance. Here are a few maintenance tips to reduce wear and tear through different seasons.

Use of oil finish

Wine barrel furniture can last through the scorching effects of the harsh summer sun with oil finish. Oil finish absorbs into the wood easily to make the wood grain stronger and more compact. Using Rosewood oil as a finish is most recommendable because it is not greasy and leaves the surface with no glossy looks. Oil finish can be applied using spray, brush or piece of rug periodically, but be sure to wipe out the buildup.

Use of varnish

Use of varnish for maintenance is very cheap because when applied once, nothing else needs to be done for the rest of the year. However, it is dependent on the type of varnish you select. The best varnish to go for is a heavy duty marine varnish, which gives your wine barrel furniture durability and general appearance.

Location of your furniture

Lastly, location of your furniture should be under a covered patio away from sun. Sun usually does more damage than moisture especially for oak wood furniture. However, it’s important to keep off both elements since if it does not get enough time to dry from moisture it may start to rot.