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How to diy distressed kitchen cabinets

How to diy distressed kitchen cabinets

Distressed kitchen cabinets have rapidly gained fame and popularity for a slew of reasons. Not only do they look incredibly stylish but they are also very easy to DIY. A lot of people are under the impression that acquiring this style for your kitchen cabinets will cost plenty. That is absolutely not true. You can easily achieve the complete new look with the help of half a dozen items or so.


While sanding is a messy job that takes ages to complete properly, it is the first step in acquiring distressed kitchen cabinets. Of course you first have to remove all the hardware of the kitchen cabinets, but everything else from thereon happens fast enough. The sanding will remove the shine on the cabinets leading to the second step being easier.

Antique Glaze

The trick while applying antique glaze to achieve the distressed kitchen cabinets look is to do so sparingly. After about a minute or so use a damp cloth to wipe away the glaze. It is important to not use a wet cloth. Only damp ones will work. Make sure the glaze dries out completely. If need be, scratch your cabinets in a few places with a nail to achieve a better look.

Top Coat

After your glazing has had its time to dry out entirely, apply a top coat to seal everything in place. Polycrylic and a sponge brush work best together. In order to achieve a smooth finish to your distressed kitchen cabinets, make sure to sand in between coats.