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How to decorate your kitchen studio

How to decorate your kitchen studio

No matter the size of your apartment, the kitchen is for sure the master of all the rooms. A kitchen studio can transform your kitchen into a luxurious living space.

Ideas for creating a well thought out kitchen studio:

  1. It is a good idea to use the same color and finishes all over when two a portion of a room is being converted into a kitchen, so that they all merge together as one.
  2. Kitchen extensions can really make use of a good deal of sunlight. So there should always be natural light flowing. When that is not possible, recessed lights should be used along with lights inside the cabinets and the flooring can be vertical, as this creates an illusion of more length.
  3. When there is a need to add an extra luxury appliance such as a wine refrigerator or a micro oven, the placement of the sink should be beside a window, rather than the wall.
  4. We should strive to make the most use of narrow spaces between cupboards and use this to fit in small racks.
  5. It might look impossible to create an island in a tiny kitchen, but a kitchen studio can contain a portable kitchen trolley that proves to be extremely feasible. This provides the extra prep space and can be moved around as required, thereby reducing crammed spaces.
  6. Shelving units should be fixed directly on the wall and has to be a floor to ceiling one as that way we can utilize every ounce of space for storage in a kitchen studio.