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How to clean patio furniture cushions?

How to clean patio furniture cushions?

Patio furniture cushions need to be cleaned before you place them on your patio or porch after storing them in for quite a long time where these would have accumulated dust and dirt. Removable cushion covers are quite easy to clean as these can be washed gently in a washing machine. If you do not have cushion covers that are removable then you need to clean them carefully following simple steps.

Remove the dust and dirt

Pile the patio furniture cushions and remove loose dust and dirt using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Use the attachment carefully if you have tufted cushions.

Use a solution for cleaning

Prepare a solution of dishwashing liquid in warm water. Add borax solutions if the cushions have mildew. Sponge the solution on cushions and let them soak for 15-20 minutes. If stains remove, then you can soak the cushions for 30 more minutes. You can mildly scrub the region where spots persist.

Rinse the cushions

Utilize a garden hose to rinse the cushions off. Avoid using a pressure washer to prevent any damage to the fabric. Blot the water by wrapping a towel around the cushion. Air dry them completely. Make sure the moisture has been removed entirely. Use a blow dryer if necessary.

Use a fabric protector

Once the cushions are dried completely, you can spray a fabric protector on the cushions in order to resist stains and dirt. This will keep your cushions clean for long.