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How to choose the best memory foam mattress

How to choose the best memory foam mattress

Memory foam refers to polyurethane material whose density and viscosity is enhanced through addition of other chemicals. A common characteristic of memory foam is its tendency to soften when it comes into contact with heat produced by the body. Body heat literally transforms the foam, allowing it to take the form of human body. Memory foam is also quick to recover; it transforms within seconds to its original shape once not in contact with human body.

Memory foam mattresses have high density compared to mattresses made of other materials. They turn out to be very supportive. Choosing the best memory foam mattress can be a challenge and below are just some of the things you need to look into when shopping for one.


Although this type of mattress generally has high density, it is important to consider the density of one you intend to buy. You need to note that density does not determine how a memory foam mattress feels; it only serves to indicate how durable the mattress is. Durable memory foam mattresses have density of between 5-7lb.

Pressure Level

This is one of the most important things you need to look into when shopping for a memory foam mattress. Pressure here refers to how a memory foam mattress reacts when you lie on it. It is important that you choose a memory foam mattress of 32mmHg or lower. Such is a mattress that provides for efficient blood circulation while asleep. It is also important to note that a memory foam mattress’s pressure level is determined by the number of layers in the mattress, which is something referred to as Foam ILD (Indentation Load Deflection). This is what determines a mattress’s level of comfort. It is recommended to settle for a mattress with between 10-16 ILD.

Type of Foam

It is important to consider type of memory foam used in making a mattress before you part with your money. There are both natural and regular memory foam mattresses. Regular memory foam mattresses are generally referred to as visco-elastic or visco foam. These are traditionally made using petroleum-based chemicals. You may choose a mattress made of natural foam as your best memory foam mattress in case you are health conscious.