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How to choose high chairs

How to choose high chairs

High chairs are a type of furniture specially designed for use by toddlers when feeding. They are literally designed to high compared to toddler seats in order to allow for an adult to find it easy when spoon feeding a toddler. Their design includes a wide base for stability, a tray for placing food and seat belts.

A high chair can be very useful when your toddler starts eating solid foods. It is beneficial considering that it provides a good opportunity for your toddler to learn feeding by him/herself. There are specific things you need to look into when shopping for a high chair.


There are different types of this type of chairs including basic chairs made of either metal or plastic, full-featured chairs, portable and wooden chairs. It is important that you analyze the difference that exists between the different types because each type offers different capabilities.


It is equally important to look at features available on a high chair you intend to buy. Note that not all chairs feature trays and you may wish to find one with a tray. You also need to consider how versatile a chair is and whether or not you will be able to adjust the height when it becomes necessary. You also need to consider how wide base of the chair is; chairs with wide bases tend to be more stable. Because this will be your toddler’s seat, it is important to ascertain level of comfort that a chair you are about to buy provides.


Because a good number of high chairs have been recalled by manufactures makes it necessary to consider how safe a chair you are interested in is. In addition to padded seats that provide for your toddler’s comfort, look out for safety approval seal. A chair of interest should also have safety harness and crotch post that prevents your toddler from standing.