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How to buy chairs for dining room table

How to buy chairs for dining room table

Having a dining table is one thing and having a dining table and no chairs is another. Most of the times dining tables are sold alone instead of in a set that includes dining chairs as well. If you happened to be running on a budget, this will most probably deem to be the best option for you. So what do you do when it comes to picking chairs for dining room table because evidently you will need that at some point.


Pay a lot of attention to design. Of course this goes without saying, but there is no harm in stating the obvious especially on an occasion like this. Many people find it wonderful to match classic chairs with contemporary tables. Avoid that. Try and go for chairs for dining room table that share a similar design element with the table.


Make sure that your chair is not too big to dwarf the table. On average, twenty-two inches is a decent dimension for armless chairs for dining room table. If your table is large then you might need to climb higher up the dimensions’ ladder. You would not want your chairs to be dwarfed either. Avoid going for chairs that are narrower than seventeen inches as they tend to be rather uncomfortable.


Find chairs for dining room table that are easy to move in and out of the dining room. Slatted back chairs prove to be highly portable as they provide a pocket for your hands when shifting them around. Solid back chairs are harder to move around and do not help in attaining a firm grip.