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Handcrafted table pads for protection

Handcrafted table pads for protection

Table Pads are used to protect the table so it does not get damaged or scratched. There are pads for conference tables, buffets and coffee tables. They are manufactured in sizes to fit every table. This is usually a onetime purchase so it is made to last, giving it durability and an attractive look. Sometime it is possible to get the pads directly from the factory and they are beautifully made and the price is worth it.

The Problems of getting Quality Table Pads

It is very difficult to get table pads that that fit the table to perfection. Sometimes some factories offer well made table pads and charge exorbitantly. Sometime they lack the expertise to upholster a pad to fit  a scalloped table or  an oval table. There are some pads which look very nice and the cost is very reasonable but they do not last more than a few months. There is a company manufacturing table pads which are the best at very affordable rates. These table pads are handcrafted and the company offers a life time warranty for the table pads.

Fitting Table Pads to perfection

Well made table pads are provide with magnetic locks. The company that makes handcrafted table pads has the patent to make these magnetic locks and no other company has been given the permission to make these locks.   Magnalocs  is the only device  that is used for locking that  does not scratch the table but handles it with care.