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Guide to hanging your new pencil pleat curtains

Guide to hanging your new pencil pleat curtains

We all know how pencil pleat curtains are very vital when it comes to home décor and general beauty of our rooms. However, getting the best is not a guarantee that you’ll have the best décor. What’s more important is how you hang them. Whether you’ve done it before or not, you need to hang them like a professional. Here is the best way to do the hanging, so you add beauty and make your home an attractive one.

Decide Hook Position

The hook sitting at the back of the pleat should be in appropriate positions. If you do not position it well, your pencil pleat curtains won’t hang beautifully in a balanced position that’s necessary to give you the beauty you want at home. In fact, it’s the position that matters more than even the other things that you add or hang with your curtains. The ways you hang them when you have a pole is different from the tracks position. With a pole, move the hook to the top so that the curtain hangs on the pole and for track let the heading cover the track.

Hang the Curtains

When you have decided the positions and have the same number of pole rings or track gliders and pleats, you can then go ahead to hook through. Hanging is pretty simple if all the important things are in their rightful positions. When it’s all done, you can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of your pencil pleat curtains at home.

Indeed, the process is simple if you have the correct information and the right guide to hanging your curtains. The secret is getting the right inspiration and ideas before kicking off the process.