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Gorgeous ideas in contemporary coffee tables

Gorgeous ideas in contemporary coffee tables

Contemporary coffee tables are the most frequent used piece of furniture in home. Besides serving as a coffee table, this table is also used for placing books, tissue box, newspaper and remotes etc. this multiple used contemporary coffee table is available in the following trendy styles.

Styles in Contemporary Coffee tables:

Following are the most appealing ideas of the contemporary style coffee table,

Rustic style:

This is the best example of reclaimed wood, rustic style and industrial hardware. A new idea of designing this contemporary coffee tables with rustic looks is to use wine crate to design this table. By purchasing only four rustic look wine crates from a warehouse one can easily create this coffee table by attaching a solid base to keep books etc. on it.

Modern look Coffee table:

Different kind of sleek and modern style coffee tables can be made with a little effort. Usually welding steel tubes are used to act as the stands of this contemporary coffee tables. Stained wood is the best option to make the top of this coffee table. The cost of this table is somewhat higher because of the material use to make this table.

Hairpin Leg Coffee table:

The main feature of this contemporary coffee tables is the hairpin style legs. A hardwood table top with refined polished finish makes this design look more elegant. Four separate standing legs are thinner in appearance that is why it is called a hairpin leg coffee table. The sizes of this contemporary coffee tables may vary according to the space where they are kept. This kind of coffee table is enough durable to be used.