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Floating wall shelves for smaller rooms

Floating wall shelves for smaller rooms

If you are looking for some ideas relevant to small rooms then you may find this article fruitful. You can simply visually enhance the look of smaller rooms by planning your choices smartly. Start with curtains. Light has magical properties of widening up the space for that matter you need to have some neutral shade curtain to vent air and light to maximum. However since at night no natural light is present you can compensate this deficiency with some extraordinary lights and chandeliers. Circular rugs are also very popular for smaller rooms. Enriched with bold pattern curvy rugs will definitely enhance the appeal of your room. Floating wall shelves is another cool idea for your smaller spaces. Following are the ideas to use it.

Smart storage

Smaller rooms always struggle with space. A unique and much needed solution is the floating wall shelves.  They offer a smart and compact storage for your books, frames and other items. You can have multiple shelves depending upon your need. Such shelves keep the floor free for some other purpose requiring floor space. You can also place de clutter boxes on these shelves for instant cleaning of room.

Decorating walls

If you are enough space deficient that you cannot embellish your room with add-ons use floating wall shelves. You can place some outstanding decoration pieces, lamps, vases and other ornamental add-ons to create ravishing look for your room. Floating wall shelves beautifully fill wall spaces. You can have these shelves in wood, glass or other metals.