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Fabulous bedroom furniture

Fabulous bedroom furniture

While the bedroom is a private space, it is also the place where you can express yourself freely. The most eye-catching and prominent element in a bedroom is the bed. Generally, the décor of the bedroom revolves round the bed. It is not necessary for every element to match the bed. You can create a décor that is vibrant in its diversity by bringing in contrasting elements of furniture.

The ambience

You could create an impression of space by using multi functional furniture. Using heavy or traditionally coordinated furniture lends a classic ambience to the room. You could get a perfect blend of both elements by mixing the two styles. If you have a large room, then get hold of a dresser with many drawers as they provide extra storage space along with the classical touch. If not you could choose the wardrobes which have the dresser built into them, saving on space while being fashionable and functional too.

The bed décor

The bed linen like bedspreads, sheets, duvets and pillows could be in contrasting colours to create dramatic decor. Also, buy them in colors that have a positive and soothing impact on you. Ensure that the fabric is comfortable and pleasing to touch.

The extra trappings

With the work from home trend catching on, it would be wise to include a workstation or a writing desk in the room. This could be multifunctional or the traditional ones. Including a reading corner made cozy with a comfortable lounge or a couch or a rocking chair with a floor lamp beside it would make the addition of the extra trappings worthwhile.