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Essential tips for drawing room designs

Essential tips for drawing room designs

Living room is one of the most important rooms in any house as it is where your guests are welcomed, family meet and a lot more. Therefore, it needs to be designed to meet high decorative standards in any particular theme selected, whether an antique, rustic or sophisticated design. Decorating a room cannot commence without a proper decoration plan. When it comes to drawing room designs, defining the minute details usually make a big difference.

It is advisable to equip yourself with a pack of ideas so as to come up with a good room design drawing. Here are a few highlights you want to include in your plan.

Know the expected result

Coming up with a plan without what is to be achieved is certainly difficult. First have a picture of the room design that you need to create first before anything commences. Perhaps doing a bit of research on the different looks and how to achieve them is better. Search for designs, styles and colors that you long for.

Incorporate lighting

Any room being decorated must have a plan for the lighting. Select the type of lighting according to the theme of the room and the room being decorated. Bedroom and living room for instance use different types of lighting.

Proper selection and position of furniture

The furniture selected should be in line with the design that was first selected. Positioning the furniture is the most important thing. Never place your furniture in a position lined up in contrast to the walls.

Proper curtains

When drawing room designs, curtains should never miss. A plan without proper curtains in place may seem as a waste of time and effort since they place a major role in the attraction of your space.


Flooring is essential when doing furnishing hence the floor type should blend with your selected furniture. It should also be of similar color to the color of your walls or at least darker.