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Enjoy your summer with cushions for outdoor furniture

Enjoy your summer with cushions for outdoor furniture

Cushions not only provide comfortability but also are great decorative accessories for your outdoor furniture. They have the ability to change the look of the furniture without changing the entire piece. Here are some of the tips for your cushions.


Purchase cushions according to the size of your outdoor furniture. They should be fit and comfortable. While shopping for cushions, keep the climatic conditions of your location in mind.  Waterproof cover cushions are best suited for moist locations and mesh type are better suited for warm, dry locations. Cotton blend fabric, polyester, PVC coated fabric are some of the materials used in making the cushions. Choose the material according to your comfort.


Summer is all about outdoor living. The cushions of the outdoor furniture should be taken care of unless you want to sit on metal or wood furniture. Outdoor cushions are mostly moisture and fade resistant. However, if the cushions are unattended for a long time, they fade and show the signs of wear and tear. It is best to cover the cushions and furniture during heavy downpour and when they are unused. Keep your cushions clean off bugs, dust, bird droppings and many other things. Clean the food spilling’s immediately as the spilling might leave a permanent stain if not attended instantly.


Make sure that the cushions are dry before storing them. Store them in a fabric cushion storage bag or clean dry plastic bag. Cushions last longer if they are stored in dry places such as basements and garages.