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Elegant dining room furniture

Elegant dining room furniture

Wanting to decorate your dining room but are at loss wondering how to go about it? Well first things first- analyze the available space- is it large or small? How are you going to use it? Is it meant only for dining or will it double up as an activity room too? Once you have decided on these, you can go about getting the furniture to suit your needs

Dining table set

Buy the dining set in accordance to the size of the room. If the room is small buying a large table would make it look crammed and eat into a lot of leg space. Similarly if the room is large it does not make sense to get a small table. The large room can be filled up with a nice proportionate cabinet which can serve as a buffet when there are many guests.

Drapes and Rugs

You could add some visual drama with a lovely rug placed under the dining table. Use heavy drapes to give it a warm cozy feeling. For n airy summery feel you could use lacy curtains or drapes made of thin fabric in light summery shades. Needless to say this has to blend well with the furniture and the wall color.

Dining room lighting

All your efforts will fall flat on its nose if the lighting is not right. Begin the lighting with the chandelier above the dining table to emphasize and complete the central piece of the room. If you have any paintings, wall niches or photographs on display, highlight these with accent lights. If there are corners, use lamps to cover that area and lend warmth to the décor.