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Easy ways to acquire custom made cushion covers

Easy ways to acquire custom made cushion covers

Gone are the days when making custom made cushion covers meant sitting down with a sewing needle and a thimble. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous techniques that can help you in making your very own custom made cushion covers. If you want to add that extra touch of customization, then you can undoubtedly opt for these methods in order to come up with a custom touch to your cushions.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has taken over the world of design by storm. Fabric printing has now become easier than ever. Regardless of how intricate your design or choice is you can get it printed in no time at all. All you have to do is select a fabric of your choice and select a design of your liking. The exact dimensions and sizing will be adjusted by a designer who will then proceed to print your design for you. And there you have it. Custom made cushion covers. Easy peasy!


Hold on, there is no reason to panic. There are countless people who make a living out of handmade designs. If you are going for a more homemade touch, then get in touch with a tailor or even someone who likes embroidery as a hobby. There are plenty of such individuals all over the internet and you can even head over to Etsy to see similar work. Getting in contact is the only thing you need to do. The rest is completely their creative work. Mind you, it does cost a tad bit more than if you DIY.