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Durable flagstone patio

Durable flagstone patio

Flagstone is basically slabs of sedimentary rock. It is a widely used paving material for different places like patios, roofs, footpaths and fences.

Ultimate solution for durability of patios

If you have some extraordinary patio and want the flooring of patios to be long lasting for years to come then flagstone patio can be your ideal solution. Along with durability flagstone patios are naturally defiant to falling and slippage. Nature has packed flagstone with narrow joints which prohibits running of water through it. Instead of running water percolates through it.  You can have different flagstone patio laying techniques according to your requirement and you will be paying according to method involved. If you want to have some inexpensive flagstone laying option go for dry laying method where sand and gravel base is provided to lay dry flagstone. Other alternative option is mortaring flagstone on a concrete base. It is however an expensive method.


It is not a piece of cake that you plan and lay flagstone patios, roofs or driveways. If you are hasty to make such decision and execution chances are bright that you end up in a mess. Prior laying flagstone assess what design and color will suit your patios. Whether you are more interested in ivory, white or grays take time to finalize. After that decide the cut of the stone, whether you want to have it in regular or irregular cut. There are many other considerations as well like paving materials to be used, cleaning and maintenance of flagstone, using different flagstone patterns for different covered areas etc. so it is always a good idea to hire some expert who can facilitate you in your decision.