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Dinner table types

Dinner table types

Dinner is the time when the whole family gathers to have some nice family time, except from eating. The environment makes a big part of these comfortable moments so if you are thinking of adding some refreshments to your kitchen, you might as well start with your dinner table.

Dinner tables styles.

There are many different designs of these tables. You can find any type you want that could adjust and fit into your kitchen. Many years ago, you could only find dinner table made of hardwood but nowadays you can find them made of different materials.

Colors vary according to the materials too. Hardwood dinner table usually comes in different shades of brown, whereas others can come in any other colors. There are different shapes, heights and styles of dinner table.


Common table designs include:

  • Surfaces of different shapes (square, rounded, semi-rounded, and rectangular).
  • Pair of legs (usually two pairs-four legs).
  • Heights (commonly 18-30 inches) adjusted to chairs’ height.
  • Expansion of table surface by inserting the locking hinged drop leaf sections.

After summing up the dimensions, shape and style that you would like your dinner table to be made of, you can start looking for it. There are many different tables in the stock so with a little bit of research you can successfully refresh your kitchen.