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Different shelving ideas

Different shelving ideas

Shelves for Books and magazines

The shelves are a great way of increasing the storage space in your living room. The shelves can be used to store your books and display magazines, this increases the interior décor of your living room. The living room shelving ideas are best way of making your living room adorning.

Shelves for Shoes

The shelves are also widely used for storing and organizing your shoes. As compared to cupboards the shelves are easier to store your shoes. Shelves are easier to palace use in contrast to the cupboards. The shelves are much practical for storing shoes.

Primarily there ae two type of shelving ideas open shelving and closed shelving both styles have diverse use. Open and close shelves can be easily used to enhance the interior décor of your house.

Opened Shelves in living Rooms

In living rooms mainly, the opened shelves ae installed because living rooms are the place where you need to display a variety of decorative items and the best way to make them eye-catching and appealing is to place them in the open shelves.

Closed shelves in Dining Rooms

Closed shelves are often installed in the dining rooms, because in dining rooms you need to place crockery item in a reachable place so the closed shelves ae best for storing crockery items. These items are placed in closed shelves so that they don’t get dusty. The closed shelves are a great way of adding décor to you dining room.