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Different design of ladder bookcase

Different design of ladder bookcase

A ladder bookcase is a real ladder with shelves in it increasing in size. The ladder can be transformed and used in a great way .The ladder is made in a very stylish way hence helping in saving space and adding a touch of decoration in a room. The best position to place a ladder bookcase in a house is at the corner of a room or any where you will find it been the best place. Apart from books been kept in a ladder book case one can also put things like pictures, candles, flowers and plants, Jewelry boxes, Baskets, DVDs and CDs  and many other things

Types of ladder book case

Painted stained wood planks –This ladder shelf has more shelf space but also requires more space in your room. The ladder is painted making it look wonderful.

Horizontal ladder- One can hang this from the ceiling or nail it into your wall. This does not need more space.

Natural wood wide shelves – This ladder has the random natural paint with old ladders making it look rustic

Picture shelf – This ladder is mainly for pictures they help in keeping the natural look of the ladder rungs

Several ladder bookcase are designed to perfectly suit the urban contemporary interiors and this brings a lot of plenty ways to keep house in many styles design. The display with ladders makes the room to look more appealing you can even use décor items to compliment the color scheme of the room.