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Details about moroccon rugs

Details about moroccon rugs

Moroccon rugs are always in vogue due to their lovely design and patterns. Some of the world’s best and beautiful rugs can be found in Morocco. The villages of Bebers and Beni Ourains are well known for them. Though there is no history associated with these rugs, they became popular all over the world because of the colorful, contemporary designs and abstract lines that are crafted perfectly.  Some say that the Moroccon rugs are inspired by weavers from the regions of western Turkey. Most of them are hand-crafted and are categorized as vintage collections. The geometric patterns on these rugs depict symbols of protection, arranged in rectangular compartments. The motifs are placed inside these boxes and is said to symbolize happiness and gaiety. These elegant rugs act as the perfect complement to your living rooms.

Tips to buy a Moroccon Rug:

The handmade Moroccon rugs can take a lot of months to make and is a type of folk art for the women of Morocco. You can even have a customized Moroccon rug made to fit your needs. Each piece is unique as the work of each artist cannot replicate another. You can check the quality of the rug by counting the number of knots per square meter and the type of colors used. Based on this, you can decide the price. Look for the Rabat Rbati carpet which is a type of urban Moroccon rug that has wide borders with a central red colored design. The other type is the Mediouna rug. Both of them contain nearly 90,000 knots and are known for their high quality.